The Axelent family is growing

Safe-X, a successful company specialising in bicycle racks and mesh shelving, is the latest addition to the Axelent Group. Axelent owners were among the six founders. Safe-X has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Axelent since June 1.




The takeover went smoothly, and the news has been well received within the organisation. In the previous edition of X-News we reported that Axelent had won exclusive retailing rights for the McCue industrial safety products. They will be sold by Safe-X, who are now entering the global market. We also welcome our new colleagues from Safe-X. Read the interview with Sales Manager Lisa Brandelius, where she talks about the company and how her colleague Azra Kovac sees the future for Safe-X.




Increased focus on safety and automation

We are delighted to announce that the good times continue for Axelent. Safety and automation are becoming increasingly important to our customers. Automation is an absolute must for companies looking to progress, and workplace safety is a necessity for the success of automation. With X-Guard being in a class of its own among machine guards, this is good news for Axelent.

I took time out to visit the Automatica 2018 International Trade Fair in Munich. The fair gets bigger every year and we clearly made a big impression.

Automation is not only trending in Europe but also in North America, Asia and Australia. Axelent Australia has moved into new premises.

From Asia you can read about how Axelent Thailand received a repeat order of X-Guard from a very satisfied customer. This is an interesting region for the future.

Mats Hilding signatur

Mats Hilding, MD, Axelent AB

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