Smart solutions - flexible installations
X-Rack one of the most flexible and strong open rack systems on the market. Modular and easy to fit to your specific needs.

With X-Bar and a few accessories you can create data racks according to your specifications. You can mount your equipment in the front, back or in center of the rack.

Depth and height of the rack is interchangeable depending on the length of X-Bars used. Our X-bars are available in various sizes but can easily be altered to desired size and or you can order them to specified measurements. All parts are ordered separately so you can easily adjust and adapt to your needs, thus easier to transport and quicker installation.

An advatage is that you can easily mount the trays directly on to the X-bars without the need for brackets or pendants. Accessories as radius limiters and cable ducts are available for safe and easy cable management.

Compared to a normal computer rack you get the following advantages: 

Low cost 
Better availability 
Better cooling effect
Low maintenance cost
Various height and depth possibilities 
Require less space
Easy to transport
Easy to adjust 
The cable management can be integrated into X-Rack

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