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Axelent Safety Group

Axelent Safety Group takes safety awareness to new heights

Ever since Axelent was founded 30 years ago, safety at our customers’ production facilities has been the number one priority. The Axelent Safety Group aim to increase knowledge and remain at the forefront of safety while ensuring that our know-how benefits our customers in the best possible way.


Axelent’s entire business concept is centred on protecting people in industrial environments and always being to the fore in development when it comes to safety. As an active member of the Swedish Committee on Machine Safety (SiS), Axelent also helps to advance the country’s standardisation work and complies with Swedish government directives and the Vienna Agreement. The group’s tasks vary in scope and knowledge is shared through, for instance, different information and training initiatives. Its mandate encompasses everything from machine safety training and updating Axelent’s unique Safety Book through responsibility for machine safety texts on the web to maintaining a broad consensus within the Group as regards safety.

Mattias Schultz

Specialist security technology, Germany

Eric Plana

Technical office and customer service at Axelent Spain

Experience from the Automotive industry, Lift sector and Water treatment plants.


Marc Van den Ende

Machine Safety Consultant

Sven Toftgård

Product Manager Mesh Walls at Axelent Group, Sweden

Experience from Product Development. Member of the technical committees TK-282 Safety of machinery and TK-278 Robotics, organized by SIS, Swedish Institute for Standards.