Organization Axelent Benelux

  1. Axelent Benelux

    1. CEO

      Carl Becquet

      1. Administration/Planning

        Linda Liers (BENELUX)
        Simon Verbruggen (BE)
        Cynthia Van Tielen (BE)

        1. Marketing

          Simon Verbruggen (BENELUX)
          Karin Sandén

      2. Bookkeeping

        Natascha Van Hoeymissen (BENELUX)
        Ann Janssen (BE)

      3. Sales

        Andreas Becquet (BE)
        Marc Van den Ende (BE)
        Steve Verlinden
        Pepijn Mertens
        Renik Retore
        Tim Van Gestel
        Helga Van Asten

      4. Assembly Teams

        Rudy & Patrick
        Marc & Davy
        Danny & Kjell
        John & Dennis
        Sander & Jan
        Peter & Wesely

Axelent Xperience

Visit our virtual showroom and experience our products in their right environment.

In our virtual showroom, you get to experience Axelent's range in its right environment, no matter where in the world you are. Explore our products by navigating between production, storage, warehousing, automated warehouse and dispatch. If something special catches your interest, just click on the product to find out more. Watch a movie, read an article and learn more! We think you will like it as much as we do!