Self-closing swing gate for our fall protection system


We can now offer an adjustable-width gate with self-closing mechanism for our X-Rail fall protection system. It is meant to be installed in front of stairs or ladders leading onto a platform or walkway¹.


How can the swing gate for fall protection be used? 

Coming from the stair or ladder the operator pushes it open toward the platform. After passing the gate it softly closes and then serves as fall protection. The opening dimension can easily be adjusted between 690 and 1210mm by means of telescoping bars. The gate is delivered complete and pre-assembled in a specially adapted packaging. It is easy to attach to the posts in the X-Rail range and can be used with right or left hinging. 

The gate meets the requirements for use as fall protection². To attract attention and be clearly distinguishable from the guard railing, the gate is painted in a highlight yellow colour.  

To prevent pinching, infill pieces are available as accessories to create space between the gate and the guard railing (for example in connection in an internal corner.) 


What are the advantages of the X-Rail fall protection gate? 

  • Flexible
  • Self-closing
  • Delivered pre-assembled
  • Easy to assemble
  • Meets the requirements for fall protection
  • Infill pieces available as option


If you want to read more about the swing gate, click here to download the folder.

¹The self-closing gate should not be used as a pallet or transfer gate unless additional safety measures ensuring fall protection during pallet or goods transfer have been taken. 

²To meet the requirements in the OSHA 1929.10 standard, when the gate is expanded to its maximum width, do not end the installation with the gate’s hinged post only.

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